Call for Speakers

Hey! I’m so excited of the possibility of teaming up with you to do something absolutely incredible!

The Direct Booking Success Summit will be back for its fourth year on October 8-10, 2024. This is a 3-day event that helps holiday/vacation/short-term rental property managers and owner/operators from all over the world increase their direct bookings and up-level their business. 

This is the only event of its kind in our space and I want you, as a speaker, to get a ton of value from it along with the attendees.

The benefits of getting involved are many. Here are two:

The first is leads, new clients, more followers. The summit exists to help those in your audience as well as to help you increase those you help. I encourage you to include some sort of lead magnet/freebie at the end of your presentation to get those interested onto your email list.

The second is financial. As a speaker at this event, you’ll be given an unique link to promote the event with your audience. The event is free for anyone to attend but there is paid access available called The All-access Pass. You will receive 30-50% of the revenue from those who use your link to register and then go on to buy The All-access Pass.

Who is a good fit to speak?

If you are an expert in our Short-term Rental Sector, whether that is professional experience or lessons learned from running your own business, I want to hear from you!

Each presentation is recorded ahead of time and is to be 30 minutes in length. Packed with educational content, a short pitch is allowed at the end. 


The deadline for presentation submissions is: May 1st, 2024

The responsibilities of a speaker

The responsibilities are:
• to create a stellar, unique, educational 30-minute presentation
• to provide a resource (not freebie) for the paid All-access Pass offer to attendees
• to promote, promote and promote during the two-week promotion period starting September 24, 2024
• to be around for some of the fun during the summit and engage with attendees online

Important Dates

Presentation Submission deadline: May 1, 2024
Presentation deadline: September 6, 2024
All-access Pass contribution deadline: September 6, 2024
Promotion period begins: September 24, 2024
Summit dates: October 8-10, 2024
All-access Pass cart closes: October 18, 2024